About Us

Insight Accounting has been assisting clients in the South East of Melbourne to deal with more than accounting and taxation issues.

At Insight Accounting we work with our clients to grow your profits, your business and your personal wealth.

We also give consideration to protecting your assets while also giving you a suitable plan and outlook for the future.

Insight Accounting has developed its way from a home-based sole practitioner to a proactive modern firm with multiple offices in the growing regions of South East Melbourne. Insight Accounting has been with businesses and families for over 40 years, while adapting with the current needs of the next generation accounting. Partners, Glen, Matthew and Reynald have been with Insight Accounting for over a decade, and are excited about the new vision the firm has recently developed. The timeline below shows the steps taken to become today’s growing practice.


Insight Bookkeeping & Payroll our in-house bookkeeping business commenced.


Our in-house financial planning business rebranded to Insight Super & Retirement.


New Pakenham Business Centre opens.


New Warragul Office opens.


Insight Insurance our in-house insurance broking business commenced.


Cranbourne Office relocates to a new premise.

  • New Pakenham office opens.
  • Insight Lending our in-house property finance business commenced.
  • Insight Wealth Partners our in-house financial planning business commenced.
  • Reynald Lay becomes a partner in the firm.

Cardinia and Cranbourne Small Business Advisors rebrand as Insight Accounting.


Anthony Karadeas, Glen Fairbrother and Matthew Studham succeed Eddie and became the new partners of the firm.

  • Glen Fairbrother manages the new Beaconsfield office, trading as Cardinia Small Business Advisors.
  • Matthew Studham joins the team at Cranbourne Small Business Advisors.

With a growing client base and a new vision, Eddie opened the Cranbourne office trading as Cranbourne Small Business Advisors


Eddie Buttigieg commenced as a sole practitioner preparing tax returns out of his home office.